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Discover the charm of personalized pet portraits in my portfolio. Explore unique, bespoke paintings capturing your beloved companions.

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I paint pet portraits, still nature and people


Canvas Sizes


Crafted with a blend of acrylic, and watercolor, my diverse portfolio showcases bespoke creations ranging from 10×10 cm to 50×70 cm. Specializing in pet portraits, still life, and captivating human expressions.

My Paintings Portfolio

23x29 cm
30x40 cm
10x10 cm

Meet The Artist

My name is Alice and I’m a self-taught artist hailing from the picturesque country of Romania. Born with a natural talent and a passion for the arts, I want to captivate the world with my works of art, specializing in royal pet portraits and fine polymer jewelry.

Drawing inspiration from the opulence of historical royal courts and the beauty of animals, my paintings evoke a sense of elegance and regality. With meticulous attention to detail, I skillfully capture the essence and personality of each beloved pet, bringing them to life on canvas.

In addition to my talent in painting, I also ventured into the world of jewelry design. Utilizing the versatile medium of polymer clay, I craft stunning and intricate pieces that reflect my artistic sensibilities. elaborate, ornate patterns reminiscent of historical jewelry.